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‘Twilight’ Comes for Hollywood Marriage

By Dr. Jane Greer

Celebrity stars shine so bright and we look up to them. Yet often we are
puzzled when they fall, so Shrink Wrap is here to shed light on all.

It seems that Twilight has come for another Hollywood duo. When ‘90210’
star Jennie Garth and ‘Twilight’ actor Peter Facinelli announced this week
that they are planning to divorce, it seemed an unlikely ending for a
couple seemingly devoted to maintaining a strong family life for
themselves and their three daughters. The two stars, married for 11 years
and together over 15, had to refute immediate reports of adultery
splitting apart their relationship.

In fact, their joint press release wasn’t the only sign that the couple is
parting ways. In fact, Jennie signed on to a country television reality
show, ‘Little Bit Country,’ about raising her daughters as a single mom,
and their ensuing move to a farm far away from Hollywood – though captured
by reality TV cameras. The news of her show was announced the week her
divorce revelations emerged. She seems to be either entrepreneurial or
cynical enough to know that when it comes to celebrity, everything sells-
including life after- and during- divorce.

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Posted March 21, 2012 in News@7