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St. Elmo’s Fire Burns Once Moore for Demi

By Dr. Jane Greer

Celebrity stars shine so bright and we look up to them. Yet often we are
puzzled when they fall, so Shrink Wrap is here to shed light on all.

Demi Moore’s heartbreaking year has become even more dramatic. The
actress, already in the midst of a straight from the headlines separation
from cheating husband Ashton Kutcher, has checked into a private rehab
facility this week after reportedly suffering seizures following a night
of heavy partying and recreational drug use.

According to press reports, Demi had been fighting an addiction to
prescription pills during her marriage to Ashton, and this dependence
became exacerbated following the enormous stress and toll of her painfully
public separation.

Adding fuel to the fire, the 911 call when Demi began convulsing
reportedly included friends asking her daughter for assistance- implying
that Demi may have involved eldest daughter Rumer, 23, from her marriage
to Bruce Willis, in her out of control behavior. This may have been the
final straw- and hopefully rehabilitation and time away from the spotlight
will be the true medication that Demi really needs.

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Posted January 31, 2012 in News@7