How to Deal with a Badmouthing Ex

Breaking up is hard in itself. You have to find a way to move from the “we” back to the “me,” disentangle your lives, and heal enough to look to the future.

But what happens when the end of a relationship is charged with unrelenting and unresolved anger, and rather than bowing out gracefully and moving on, your ex instead allows that anger to fuel bad behavior which can damage your reputation? Your ex may be saying terrible things about you and may be revealing personal information, distorting the truth, gossiping about a private mistake that was made when you were together, or even spreading rumors.

Sometimes the information begins with the ex, and sometimes the ex simply serves to fuel the negative information. For example. celebrity exes Matthew Morrison and Lea Michele wound up in such a situation when Matthew recently addressed reports of Lea's diva actions while working on the show Glee. He said, "Yeah, going back to what I was saying, you know, you want to be a good, pleasant person to be around.” He did not appear to have her back.

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