How to Get in Shape Together

As you may have noticed, a new relationship may cause a few extra pounds. The more comfortable you get with someone, staying in shape and eating healthy sort of gets pushed aside. This is most likely the case because you are giving a lot more time, attention, and care to your relationship and your partner than you are to your health. Unfortunately, this can lead you down a bad road, and the longer you stay on it, the harder it is to get back to where it began. You will probably need to get a supplemental boost to get started. Click here for more information regarding which supplements would work best for you. Continue reading to learn how you and your partner can get and be healthier together.

It Starts With You

If you find that you are more willing to get in shape than your partner is, that’s fine! There has been research done that has shown that if one partner decides to lose weight and eat healthy, their counterpart will most likely follow in their footsteps.The studies have also shown that the rate couples lose weight are linked. So if you commit to a healthier lifestyle, your partner should be close behind.

Talk It Out

It may be difficult to bring up weight and health with your partner, but it is key to getting to the root of the problem and solving it. You both need to realize that a change is necessary. Choosing to lead a healthy lifestyle will only help you both live longer and healthier lives together. Just remember that bringing up the topic with your partner is out of love.

A Healthy Food Plan

Forget the word diet and try to think about the changes you make to what you’re eating as a new way of life and something you can stick to. Eating healthy with your partner may even be easier than making a plan with friends because you eat more meals with your partner and can hold them accountable while also encouraging them to make healthy choices. Your approach should be kept simple and realistic in order to sustain it. That means no crash diets. If you are both starving yourselves, there will definitely be more arguments.

Try Something New

You should take your partner to an exercise class that you both have never tried before. It may be fun to see each other struggle a little in a new surrounding. It’s also a great way for you to bond and appreciate one another’s strength. It may even end up being something you can’t stop laughing about after.

Kick The Bad Habits

You and your partner may love to sit and watch television together for hours, but change that bonding to time doing something that gets you off the couch. You can do something as simple as a walk or going dancing. Dancing actually burns up to 300 calories per hour if you do salsa or swing. It is also a great way to bond with your partner while getting all sweaty.

Set Goals

Working out together will be even more fun if you set goals. You can start out bike riding to close locations and eventually build up enough strength and stamina to travel farther on a higher incline. Accomplishments feel so good when you got there with the person you love, and even better when it has to do with your and their health.

Don’t Be Mean

At some point you may be feeling great and feel like you’ve gotten to such a good place with a healthy lifestyle, but even all of this does not make you your partner’s personal trainer. There is nothing worse than acting like a know-it-all. Give them support and be happy for them when they achieve a goal, but don’t be all naggy if they are using a machine wrong or if their posture isn’t perfect.

Don’t Compare Your Accomplishments

Just like every person is different, everyone’s body is different. Just because your partner is losing weight at a faster pace than you, doesn’t mean you should give up. Some things that will be harder for them will be easier for you and vice versa. Stay motivated and supportive.

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