PEOPLE MAGAZINE: How Do You Keep a Relationship Healthy When You’re Together 24/7?

Even the best relationships have been challenged by quarantine. PEOPLE asked therapists to explain how to keep your partnership on track despite the constant close quarters.

When the coronavirus pandemic began six months ago, many couples welcomed the chance to spend more time together— after years of hectic commuting schedules and long hours, we were finally all under one roof! Bring on the cozy family meals and reconnection over jigsaw puzzles!

But half a year later, that together time might have started to feel a bit, uh, smothering. It’s understandable: your romantic partner is no longer just your significant other, but a roommate, coworker, friend, and potentially the only adult you’ve seen on a regular basis in months. It’s natural to get a little stir-crazy, (and, OK, maybe even a teeny bit resentful) when you’re spending so much time with one person, even a person you love. So PEOPLE asked therapists specializing in relationships how you can keep your partnership going strong during quarantine— and whatever 2020 throws at us next. 

I love my partner, but I find myself getting annoyed with them over the littlest things because we’re together so much. Is there any way I can get them to stop driving me crazy?

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