PSYCHOLOGY TODAY: How Can Couples Deal with Illness Together?

Dealing with an illness or injury is stressful and overwhelming, and that is even more true during a global pandemic. When it happens, family members and friends tend to rally around the person who is sick, and the focus is on them as they deal with doctors, establishing a diagnosis, managing symptoms, and so much more.

While that is happening, their partner often becomes a hands-on caregiver, arranging appointments, transportation, in-home care, and dealing with all sorts of other logistics. A partner's strength and stamina can be instrumental in helping someone get through the difficult time. But caregiving can be demanding, and serving as someone's physical and emotional support requires some extra degrees of care.

Katharine Heigl, the star of Firefly Lane, recently revealed her husband Josh Kelley helped her get through a health crisis. "First trip since the start of the pandemic is back to L.A. to deal with a herniated disk in my neck," Heigl captioned with an Instagram video of Kelley singing along with the coffee maker in their hotel room. "Thank God for @joshbkelley for not only coming with me to hold my hand but for providing me with some very much needed comedic relief!"

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