PSYCHOLOGY TODAY: How Can You Seamlessly Welcome a New Baby?

There is no question that the announcement to a child of a baby brother or sister is exciting. It can be a wonderful time when you are expanding your family and planning to welcome your next child into your home.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle recently told the world that they are thrilled to be expecting baby number two, who will join big brother Archie. And while everyone rightfully expects this time to be joyful, it can also be stressful and harder to navigate than you might think.

With the arrival of your newest addition, for the child who is already there, it actually can be a… rival. A child may worry about what it will be like to have to share their parents’ attention and may fear that they will stop being the center of their parents’ world. And while the prospective parents may view it as a gain, the child can see it as a loss.

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