PSYCHOLOGY TODAY: Is it OK to think about changing your appearance during a breakup?

Going through a separation, breakup, or divorce always involves some element of loss, whether it is of the person you are no longer with, the relationship you shared, or your connected history. You might also feel as though you lost a part of yourself,—the person you were when you were with your former partner.

Even identity must shift when you are no longer part of a couple and a “we” but on your own as a “me.” In response, the newly unhitched sometimes feel the urge to make a quick and spontaneous physical change. Women may cut their hair; men may shave off a beard or mustache.

It is a symbolic act, marking loss of who they were. In many cases, they don’t even realize they are doing it as a way of dealing with emotional upheaval.

Country singer Jana Kramer recently announced that just before she found out that her husband Mike Caussin had been unfaithful again and their marriage finally unraveled—after years of being up and down—she decided to get a breast augmentation. She told Extra, “two weeks before I found everything out, I got a boob job. I didn’t plan on this to happen. Now that I’m healed, I’m like, ‘I got a divorce body, okay?’”

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