PSYCHOLOGY TODAY: Pandemic Puppies

Strangely, though, these specific circumstances have also made it an ideal time to welcome a new pet into your home. People who always wanted to adopt a dog but could never find the right time, as well as those who didn’t realize they wanted an animal in their life, are becoming pet owners.

Kate Middleton and Prince William recently received an eight-month-old puppy from Kate’s brother, and all reports say they are thrilled.

There is no question that puppies and older dogs are cute and irresistible, but they also require a lot of responsibility and hands-on work. For that reason, some have decided to get cats, which also make terrific pets but are by nature more self-sufficient and don’t need the same level of care dogs do. For those who are going the canine route, there are a few things to keep in mind as you make this decision.

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